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Look what the Lord has done!
I brought my grandson for prayer after he had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors said he would never walk on his own. He was fitted with a pair of braces. Now he can not only walk on his own but he can run without the braces. God is really working a miracle in him. Stay tuned.
J.G. from Simcoe County Nov./2015
After a near fatal car accident in April of this year I had 4 operations and spent 6 weeks in Sunnibrook hospital. When I was discharged on June 13, 2013 I was told I would be in a wheelchair for at least a year and then have to use a cane. At the healing miracle service on July 28, 2013 I felt the power of God go through my body, I stepped out of the wheelchair and walked several laps around the meeting hall. The wheelchair and the cane are behind me now. Steve D. Peterborough, ON., 2013

"I was born with what the doctors called a lazy eye. Corrective glasses did not work for me but in the healing miracle service on July 28th I received my healing and the blurriness left. After 16 years I can now see as well in my left eye as my right. Thank you Lord."
Emily W., Midhurst, ON., 2013
I came to church Sunday being pushed in a wheel chair after suffering many years with multiple sclerosis. The Lord's power came upon me, I got out of that wheel chair well and left the meeting on my feet. It seemed like the Lord had pushed a reset button inside of me. Thank you, thank you Jesus.
Linda A.Barrie, ON., 2013

I received Healing Prayer and Pastor Glenn demanded "head-to-toe" healing.
The constant pain in my right lung has left and an irritable growth on my upper right arm that was there for years became itchy and when I scratched it, it flaked off!
Peg F. Severn Bridge, ON., 2013

Both my elbows and forearms were stiff and painful. When I was prayed for the pain and stiffness instantly left.
Guy S. Midland, ON., 2013
We received the bad news that after extensive tests my newborn grandson had cystic fibrosis. I took him to church and they layed hands on him and asked the Lord for help. At his next visit to the doctors, a week later, they where stunned to find absolutely no evidence of cystic fibrosis or any other disease in his body.
Barb M. Barrie, ON., 2013

On February 20th I came to Victory Faith Fellowship for the first time. I was looking for the presence of God (which I found) and was also healed of a permanent back injury when pastor Glenn laid hands on me. God said through him: 'The doctors have said, "you'll just have to live with it." ' This was exactly what doctors had told me for years. I've had 3 surgeries which were unsuccessful. I had been in chronic severe pain since 1991 and prior to that had pain from other injuries - about 20 years of pain. I had been prescribed narcotic pain killers and tranquillizers and antidepressants. When Glenn laid hands on me he spoke exactly the symptoms - pinched nerves, pain the back of the legs, healing for the spine. I felt God's power go through from my head to the tip of my toes. I am now PAIN FREE - Praise God! Also arthritis in my feet and carpal tunnel in my wrists is gone! I had never met pastor Glenn before that day.
R.I., Creemore, March 19, 2000
My right leg was slightly crooked and when I put my feet together, I could feel a tugging on my right knee. As I sat on the chair, I watched God straighten my right leg and lengthen and shorten both legs until they were exactly alike. There was no pain, just holy heat! I now stand straight with my legs even. There is no pulling on my knee cap. I praise God for this miracle!
D.S, Orillia, June 13, 1999


My doctor told me about a tumor he had found. Once told, I too could actually feel it in my body. The following Sunday as we prayed before the service the pastor asked if I had come for prayer. I said yes and he immediately layed hands on me. He said he saw 4 or 5 tumors. He knew nothing of my visit to my doctor earlier in the week. I checked myself later and could not find the growth. The doctor confirmed that it and the 4 other tumors the ultrasound had found where in fact gone. He gave me a clean bill of health.
D.C., Barrie.

The ankle bone in my left leg had always been twisted. I always walked on the side of my foot wearing out my right shoe prematurely. Due to the deformaty my right ankle frequently collapsed sending me off balance. As pastor Glenn prayed the noticeable bend in the bone straightened right out. I now walk perfectly normal.
M.H. from Orillia.